initiativES & contribution studies

We acknowledge our social responsibility and commitment towards improving the urban living in Saudi cities. For that, HAK continue to dedicate substantial part of their intellectual and manpower capacity for city planning initiatives, with the following overarching objectives:

  • Providing workable solutions for pressing urban issues that have major impact on the quality of urban living in Saudi cities
  • Proposing urban development projects in ad-hock locations with potential public benefits
  • Sharing practice experiences among authorities and business community to help making the city planning system more relevant and effective

Wither the objective is to solve a problem or propose a new project, we firmly believe that materialization of initiatives requires collaborative effort from all enabling entities and concerned stakeholders. Therefore, we ought to share what we have of information, ideas and recommendations with the city authorities as well as our network in the business community. As a proof of success, many of HAK's initiatives were formally adopted by authorities and are now part of the planning regulations in the city of Jeddah. Also, other initiatives evolved as mega real estate projects and are now under development by private sector entities.