Arab City - Northern Red Sea Region

The idea of linking the whole Arab region was the inspiration for this visionary project. HAK prepared a study to propose the creation of the Arab City in both ends of the Arab Bridge project, in light of the announcement that a causeway will be built linking Egypt and Northwern Saudi Arabia, between Sina and Ras Asheik Humayd passing through Tiran Island and over several, naturally scattered land masses along the gulf passage.

The study proposes that the causeway run through 21.5 kilometer span with an immigration control in the middle distance situated on Tiran. Another option that will have direct route to Sian is presented. The HAK study includes proposing economic zones between the two ends of the bridge ; the East Arab City in Saudi territory and the West Arab City in Egypt. This shall serve as the points of trade , cultural interchange, communication, tourism, and an industrial wave created by the physical linkage. HAK suggested the further study of the East Arab City to be located on a Royalty owned land having a vast area of 6 milliion square meter and found to be mineral-rich. This vision is meant to enhance economic trade rather than just the movement of people, and despite the geographical challenge and boundaries between several country territories, a trading center where two economies can share knowledge and product, and a place for living, leisure, and business for both region’s progressive benefit is the most appropriate objective.