Residential Communities and Housing

HAK’s highest principle when it comes to designing housing complexes is creating a community that brings the best convenience, supports social interaction, and invokes pride to the users. This is usually achieved by providing quality and functional common areas or facilities. In addition to living units that are carefully planned. Amenities that add value to the building, such as balconies, garden terraces, or podium recreation, enhances the architectural character which also translates to opportunities for interaction and activities between the users.

HAK always make sure that instead of just designing living units, the bigger idea is to promote community environments where active and healthy lifestyles can thrive. In cases where affordability is the primary concern, we make sure that the design quality is not compromised and that the resulting product expresses the best architecture within the budget, an architecture that is contextually appropriate and culturally responsive. This has always brought remarkable returns to our Clients in terms of salability and market response, while causing an effect in upgrading the standards of affordable housing in Jeddah.

For mid to high-end housing, aside from addressing the minimum regulations, HAK strives to offer something different from each project, by capitalizing on the site’s most advantageous characteristics, either its prime land value, available services, key locational attributes, and its potentials that are synergized to the larger development plans. We are committed to satisfying both the proponent and the end users and attempts to define models that is perpetually responsive to the user needs.