Key Personnels :



Architect Hosam Al-Abdulkarim is the founder and principal architect involved in the planning, designing and oversight of a building’s construction. In the broadest sense he is the person who translates the users’ needs into the clients’ requirements. He has extensive and thorough understanding of building and operational codes under which his design is conformed.

That degree of knowledge is skillfully mastered through his extensive studies overseas which have thought him that it is pertinent not to omit any necessary requirements, or produce improper, conflicting, ambiguous, or confusing requirements. He understands the various methods available to the builder for building the client’s structure, so that he can negotiate with the client to produce a best possible compromise of the results desired within explicit cost and time boundaries. He put into focus to make building design and planning decisions that affect the safety and well being of the general public. 

In 1988, Hosam Al-Abdulkarim has earned his Masters Degree in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles. He has worked as a Designer for AKS RUNO in Los Angeles California and later became project manager for a 1,600SQ.M private residential villa in Dammam. In 1998, Hosam Al-Abdulkarim established his own architectural & engineering consultancy practice in Jeddah, K.S.A. 

In the span of 15 Years, Arch. Hosam has successfully completed over 100 Design and Engineering Projects ranging from small scale Residential Projects to high-end Mega Projects in and around the Kingdom. His dedication and commitment in providing design excellence and product quality have made him a vital and key member of the Architectural Design scene within the Kingdom.

Hammam Omar Basahel - Administration Manager / Governmental Liaisons Officer

Engr. Hammam has been specializing in authority coordination since he joined HAK, tasked to submit design and engineering drawings of building projects to obtain construction permits. Eventually, he gained a good relationship with personalities in the permitting offices where he gained respect . At the same time, he learned the process of of the approval system and has developed strategies for expedited results depending on each project conditions and scenarios. IRAM has since tasked Hammam to serve as its official representative in dealings with the Municipality and authorities. He has supported several projects, extending valuable assistance in the issuance of the Kroki and Land Deed, advising on mitigation of conflicts arising from property boundary irregularities, and outlining the required papers and documents to complete government submittals. He delivered valuable effort in the permitting issues and authority coordination in projects such as Old Airport District Masterplan Strategy, Red Sea Village development, Old Airport Site Development with Madain, and Al Oula Development in North Jeddah.

Payman MOshfhegi - Senior Architect / Construction Site Director

Leads the Construction Management team of IRAM and supports the tender of construction stage of its development projects. Supervises site investigation works such as surveys, geotechnical works, technical site visits , and fieldworks to ensure accurate locations and site protection. Manages RFQ from specialty and general contractors in the site preparation,levelling, hoarding and infrastructure foundations. Reviews and approves tender documents such as drawings, specifications and BOQ, as well as project cost and construction schedule, This involves approval and awarding of contracts to contractors and subcontractors. Conducts planning and administrating the budget and control expenditures of the project. Provides technical and administrative support to other projects in the design stage from the construction point-of-view and is the dependable source of contractors/ supplier recommendations. Facilitates government and authority permits on all site construction works including service connections of utility providers to serve land development.

Adel Abu Marasa - Chief Designer

Adel has been successfully leading the residential architectural design practice in the firm throughout the recent years. He successfully delivered many significant projects all around the kingdom. Stationed in Toronto, Canada.

Mohammed Al Ashi - Senior Architect

Mohammed is a detail-oriented, self-motivated, and highly-skilled architect with hands-on solid design experience. He successfully delivered many signature projects with outstanding quality. Experienced in the full spectrum of project development, from concept to execution. Stationed in Florida, USA

Dave Licerio - Senior Architect / Project Manager

Dave is one of the key project management members in the firm. His experience combines architectural as well as urban planning projects along with outstanding communication skills.

Mustafa Alwani - Design Architect

Mustafa Alwani is an Architect and a Creative Designer with a great design experience. He combines a unique mix of design expertise, social awareness, academic depth and hands-on experience. He practiced Architecture and Design at different world class Architects and Design offices in regional and international cities including Beirut, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Jeddah.

Melvin Catu - Senior Architect / Master Planner

Melvin has extensive class qualification in the master planning and real estate development projects with his unique skills of manual rendering.

Yousuf Abdussalam - Senior Architect / Design Projects Manager

Yousuf has extensive experience in managing architectural projects and handling clients as well as sub-consultants communication and coordination aspects.

Amr Atef - Senior Urban Planner

Amr has substantial experience in the urban planning, urban design and landscape fields. He has been building up a great knowledge about the planning practice in Jeddah and the kingdom.

Mohammed SwEilam - Senior Structural Engineer

Mohammad has substantial experience in structural modeling and design. He engaged in many projects varying in scale and function from mega shopping centers to unique fine quality resorts and homes.

Ibrahim Majaracon - Senior Electrical Engineer

Ibrahim is one of the founders of the MEP practice in HAK. His design and execution capabilities have been contributing a lot to the success of the buildings we deliver.

Mirza Alibaig - Senior Mechanical Engineer

Mirza is successfully leading the HVAC design practice in HAK in recent years. He has extensive experience gathered from tens of building design projects all around the kingdom.

Oscar Bercero - Senior Civil Engineer / Construction Project Manager

Oscar has many years of site supervision and contractor’s management experience in the kingdom. He participated in many complex projects from public realm to mega buildings all the way to interiors.

Wilson Mora - Senior Civil Engineer

Wilson Mora has more than 20 years of experience in managing construction projects including infrastructure and complex buildings.