HAK way of ensuring that we provide excellent work is described in the documentation of our quality policy integrated to be part of our attitude and professional behavior.

Our procedures shall give all parties involved the confidence in our ability to meet their requirements and needs regardless of the nature and size of the project to be carried out. Even as our quality procedure is designed to prevent errors occurring, it will also ensure that any errors are detected and corrected, the cause for the error established and finally removed. The quality procedure ensures that experience gained from our projects is used for the continuous improvement of the competence of our staff and the company’s systems, methods and tools. Quality is fundamental to our core purpose of delivering solutions that enhance and sustain the built, natural and social environments. As such, HAK implements a streamlined quality management system designed to foster a culture of quality and continual improvement. The quality management system is being implemented to ensure that all projects meet or exceed all defined client, HAK, regulatory and statutory requirements. HAK expects and requires all of our people to implement and comply with the requirements. All quality management documentation, including our quality policy, project delivery system, document management procedures and all associated tools and information are available to all employees via our intranet. 

The following processes are important elements of our quality management system:

  • Project Delivery System – This process based system includes all of the processes involved in HAK project delivery from pre-award to project closeout. Project Management Plans suited to the size and complexity of each job are used to define specific requirements to be met on each project.
  • Document / Records Management – These standards, systems and processes provide the basis for managing critical documents and knowledge at HAK. They ensure consistency, standardization, and ease of access to stored documents and information.
  • CADD Standards – The standards outline common terminology, processes and standards related to CADD drawings. Having these systems in place improves efficiency and consistency in the creation, management and archiving of electronic drawings