Institutional and Government Facilities

The architectural design of an institutional facility demands close attention and coordination with other disciplines to achieve an overall successful project. HAK pride itself in the attention paid to details that provide our clients the ability to achieve cost effective solutions without functional limitations. HAK’s architectural statement and image the institution is promoting, as well as product availability, construct ability, and flexibility are always incorporated into the design when determining the optimal architectural solutions. By employing the principles of architectural synthesis, minimalism and interactive dynamism that form the backbone of our philosophy, we can also ensure these institutions achieve much more, enhancing the human experience and improving the effectiveness of the institutions themselves. HAK approach means we are able to design institutional buildings and environments that not only function for the people that use them, but also add value on myriad levels, both to the future of our society and the environment in which they sit. When we look at the challenge of designing institutional buildings and spaces from a universal perspective, we are able to create progressive solutions that engage, inspire and uplift people as individuals. This holistic view also provides tangible strategic and operational benefits. Through intelligent design and use of materials, we are able to minimize waste, energy use, as well as construction and running costs.